Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blueprint and Game Plan

My Game Plan:

  1. The force is applied to a model car which will knock into dominos lined up in a circular pattern
  2. The dominos will hit a ball, therefore transferring the energy to it
  3. The ball will then roll down a ramp and onto the lower end of a teeter totter with a weight on the other side
  4. Another weight will be dropped onto the side with the weight on it, sending the ball 35 centimeters into the air
  5. The ball will fall on a tube tilting downward
  6. The ball will roll down the tube into another tube tilting downward
  7. The same ball will roll into a hole at the bottom of the tube
  8. The ball will knock into a pendulum
  9. A pendulum will knock over a beaker filled with vinegar
  10. The beaker filled with vinegar will tilt over and the vinegar will fall into a hole that leads into a beaker full of baking soda
  11. The vinegar and baking soda will mix, causing an explosion

My Blueprint:

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