Monday, November 11, 2013

Set-Up and Supplies

Here are the supplies that I've used so far (PVC Pipe, 2 boxes of dominoes, level, 4 balls of varying sizes, 2 small bowl-shaped things, 2 bottles, drill, 2 pieces of wood, and 1 small flower-pot shaped thing):

Building Process

I began by drilling together two pieces of wood to make the base of my Edgar Allan Poe Machine.

I then measured how much PVC Pipe I would have to cut to make the amount I wanted.

 I then used a table saw to slice the PVC Pipe in half (don't worry, I had adult supervision).

I then measured the base of my project to see how long I should cut my PVC Pipes to make them into ramps.

I measured where to cut my PVC Pipes.

This is what I cut my PVC Pipes with. Sharp, right?

I filed down my PVC Pipes because they were a little bit rough where I cut them.

These are my first four steps!

I then made another piece/step.

These are my first seven steps!

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